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KONE Oyj; (officially stylized as KONE and trading as KONE Corporation), founded in 1910 and headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland, is an international engineering and service company employing some 55,000 personnel across 60 countries worldwide. In addition, KONE builds and services moving walkways (referred to by the company as autowalks), automatic doors and gates, escalators and elevators. The company provides local service for builders, developers, building owners, designers and architects in 1,000 offices in over 50 countries.

An anonymous former KONE employee gives a negative review of the company on the "Glassdoor" website on July 10, 2018:

"Management gives out awards to people not working in the heat. They work in the air conditioning sitting all day. Management makes stupid work hours. Instead of working 10 hours Mon - Fri, they want your weekend, rest days. Forget that. Then the point system, another way of stupidity that management has. It could be a family emergency and you get a point against. It takes months to get it off. Last-minute quick decisions make long haul days for good workers who already work hard to get their jobs done."


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St. Louis - chef (Former Employee) says

"Good job if you don't mind being harassed daily from customers who berate you! If you're a good worker, you have higher expectations than those that aren't. The good employees are not rewarded for their work, but punished when they don't meet expectations. The bad employees are allowed to do less than mediocre work and not get punished for doing so."

Hostess (Current Employee) says

"The only sections there were, were on the patio. The rest of the rotation consisted of the servers having to take tables everywhere throughout the rest of the restaurant. The host desk was DISGUSTING. Cooks either knew nothing about cross contamination, or just didn't care. Trainers left their trainees to go off and chat with other employees, or text while at the FOH. They gave trainees little to no instructions, and expected the to just know everything without any training. The manager just hired people left and right without an actual interview, then has them show up to work without having filled out the necessary LEGAL paperwork. No background checks or anything. Then he just fires them if he doesn't like them. The entire restaurant itself is a red flag and health code violation.At least you get paid.Too many to list."

Deli Associate (Former Employee) says

"Cook clean mop wash tables take orders serve food cook food cleaned the job was simple customer friendly fast paste keeps you moving stay on your feet"

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"lazy coworkers you can work overtime but the hours over 40 hours you will get payed under the table."

Server/Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Very hard work, very little pay. Tips are divided 50% between chef. Remainder was divided among all servers and you started at percentage. Ex: $100 made. % 50 = 50, 5 servers, 10 each, only allowed 50% of your tips, you made $5. Management left servers hanging. Roaches. Customers were douchebags.Free hibachiLow pay, stressful"

Server (Former Employee) says

"The sidework was easy, fun environment except for manager. They lie and yell and curse people out, even customers. They only like some people and are very petty and cold towards others. They cook meals for employees 1-2x a day. You'll do fine if you can keep up the pace."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Its was an okay place to work but not a place to grow. They don't give raises and did wont to give any hours. The job was close to my home so that was a plus."

Lead Artist (Former Employee) says

"we started to work for free and hoping to get recognition. Myself and some friends worked together for this project. I learned communication is key. Management, went okay when we were all on the same page. the hardest part was trying to get everyone to meet up at the same time. The most enjoyable part was being able to express our creativity in a new environment.free lunchno health care"

Manager/Head Chef (Former Employee) says

"Day to day I would insure policies were being implemented. Marketing the restaurant brand to bring more customers in. Learn to always have a positive attitude no matter the situation. Management included the owner and myself, which was tough since he was Chinese and spoke very little English. Co-workers were well trained, very nice people with great sense of humor. Hardest part of the job was trying to translate things for the owner. Most enjoyable part of working there was the fact that we would have company parties throughout the year.Free meals, 2 hour breaks and fun enviromentno benefits, no growth in salary"

Reservation Desk says


Shiv kumar Agarwal says

"Their service is very bad in India and they try to do arm twisting so that they can get a deal which suits them rather than the customer as they know once their elevators are installed, it's very difficult for the customer to not use their service. They are not allowing to put CCTV cameras in the elevators and asking to install a cable which is much costlier than the market rate."

des mccauley says

"Car Lift failed in Britannia Walk N1, 26/11/2020, car stuck in basement and being told will take 5 weeks to find a part. No urgency or help from call centre. No idea when i will be able to get car back on the road
No customer service at all Dreadful experience"

Guy Murch says

"Poor Customer Service
We've had our lift serviced 3 times and after each service, a major fault develops. Costing £1000's to sort. Slow with quotes and repairs. DO NOT use this company. Been waiting 5 days (including weekend) for a quote to order parts. So lift will be out for weeks, not days due to admin!!!"

Rachel Nuwer says

"These people are extremely shady and untrustworthy, on top of careless. Their men severely damaged a wall when fixing our building's elevator. Our super documented the damage and was told by Kone's field supervisor that it would be reported to the higher-ups for refunding our building the cost of the wall repair. Now, we are being given the run-around. Bayan Amera says he'll only deal with this if we have "video" evidence of the actual incident happening - which is utterly ridiculous - and his supervisor, John Wenzler, has ignored at least half a dozen messages and emails trying to follow up on this. Others who have ignored messages include Larry Kiefhaber. All of these people should lose their jobs, and no one should do business with this hack of a company, Kone. There are better, honest groups out there who will actually respond to clients and not damage their property to begin with."

Emma says

"Absolutely shocking. No answer when calling nor to emails for 3 months. Finally they come back and say they used a third party who didn't do any work and they will sort everything out with haste. No answer again to phone calls or emails for another 2 months and now have had to cancel the contract as didn't know whether we had one or not. In the phone call when cancelling they told me 2 different renewal dates in one sentence. Cancelled the contract then a week later an engineer turns up for a maintenance service!!! I can see their poor service is quite a regular occurrence and so relieved that we are no longer using them!"

Lizzie Rukmanis says

"Noone replies to calls or emails. Would not recommend to anyone."

Anthony Sweetsur says

"Here's their latest con.
Put all their hard working service crew on furlough i.e. we, the tax-payer are paying 80% of their salary. No top up from KONE. AND they submit a maintenance contract renewal with an increase on previous year.
Got their salary overheads down to zero for service personnel and still trying to gouge more money out of the poor punter. Good Bye KONE !!!"

Havelock says

"Avoid using Kone U.K. maintenance contracts. They are excessively over priced, costs go up massively each year, and they don’t bother to make any contracted visits (thereby potentially placing lives at risk) in the hope that this won’t be noticed. They refuse to terminate contracts, even when they are grossly in breach. They rely on the hope that the customer will not take them to court as they have retained “lawyers” to cover their negligence. Take your business elsewhere, otherwise you will be stung badly."

Andrew McPhee says

"I am a tenant in a building with 12 lifts maintained by Kone. I dropped a set of car keys down the lift well but luckily had a spare set - advised reception that I could wait until the Kone maintenance guy arrived to retrieve them.
A week later I couldn't locate my spare keys so had to ring Kone to get guy to come the next morning. Was told $360 for the visit and if I found my keys I couldn't cancel anyway (This sounds like a consumer affairs problem to me), very unhappy but no choice.
Long story short, found my keys the night before, the guy came from Kone and got my other key the next morning, was onsite for 15 minutes. Thankful for the service but grossly overpriced service call for a 15 minute task - even considering the administration etc. AND WHY COULDN'T I CANCEL THE CALL-OUT?"

Mohamed Alnuaimi says

"I am very disappointed ☹️ too much delay wrong instruction to their requirements
They cost me a lot of money due to their mistakes in UAE and crazy people to deal with.
I purchased 6 elevators and I am still struggling with them
I need someone to call me from the main company to explain my situation:(
Please call me on +971564258885


Mohamed Alnuaimi

Aparna says

"I have to give one star because there is no other option, believe me I wouldn’t give that either, I have never seen such terrible customer service and such blatant lies as these people can sprout. They will never give the right answer and we never come to know the right time when or if their technicians are ever going to come and fix the lift . The excuse is like some other customers are stuck in some other place .. I mean it’s always the same excuse. Requesting them to at least provide a realistic time frame and keep at it. My husband has had a major surgery and I live on the seventh floor, my lift is not working and seems like u will have to miss the doctor appointment because he cannot climb down seven floors. The barrage of lies is on and we have no idea how many days are we going to suffer."

Igor Chapman says

"We are very disappointed at the poor communication and feedback we have received from Kone Customer Care. Our multiple attempts to reach out to Kone to resolve many underlining issues has been answered with long delays and finger pointing. We sent reports from the British Engineering Services, which outlined a number of important defects on our lifts. We received a reply from the Insurance team, who advised that the emergency telephone system on the lifts should be ‘rectified by someone on site.’ How did the insurance team reach this conclusion without doing any further investigation into the auto diallers on the lifts? Could you please provide a report that specifies whether or not the auto diallers are functional? Could you confirm please if the auto diallers are connected to a line box? Could you confirm please what numbers are assigned to the auto diallers? I understand that we have some of the old Konexion units which are not working or require upgrade. Why haven’t we been made aware of this? We’ve not received any recommendations or quotes for this equipment. I understand this to be a Kone issue, rather than an on-site issue.

In the reports, the Engineer Surveyor found various defects. Looking at the number of defects found we are concerned that proper service checks aren’t be performed by Kone engineers.

All the time we have worked with Kone we have never received a report with remedial works or recommendations of work. We made Colin Drumm aware of the lack of reporting. Engineers have never flagged up any of these issues listed above – this is worrying and concerning. We have a comprehensive contract with Kone and we would expect routine checks and inspections to include many of the defects found above.

We would not recommend Kone for your company."

Honey says

"Terrible is the word! They are absolutely terrible! Our 2 lifts of a 15 storey building in North London have been broken and we are still waiting for KONE Engineers! to fix it!! No Expertise! No sense of Customer service. Absolute disappointment."

Puneet Chadha says

"Kone have turned our flat into a PRISON! Our management has a contract with them to FIX the lifts.
We live in a 15 storey block in North London where the lifts have now broken twice in the last month for almost one week each time. This is left lots of disabled, pregnant and less able bodied people completely trapped. The majority of us feel like prisoners and KONE keep delaying the job a lot by ordering the wrong parts and taking a long time to get any parts leaving us all stuck at home."

Brett “Bradders” Nicholson says

"Customer Service, still waiting for a response 2 months on, Kone billed us, we paid then billed us again, queried, no answer, demands keep appearing for payment, but no customer communication at all."

Helen Tsai says

"Kone is horrible for small.business. we had the misfortune of signing with kone 10 years ago for a 5 year contract that was supposed to be
serviced quarterly. Well the first piece of bad news came when we did not read the contract carefully and by not signing at 5 year contract renewal meant auto renewal for another 5 years! This is highway robbery. Nothing we can do about it even though we wanted to go with a smaller more responsive company. Second , Kone is extremely hard to work with. Their pricing is not transparent and everything is departmentalized with no one dept connecting with the other ones. There's a billing representative, contract representative , service representative, and even someone who only takes cc payment. For example, for questions about my bill I need to call the billing rep then call the other office to pay since billing does not process cc payment. I never know who to talk to or number to call when there's no service and I refuse to pay a bill that's not serviced. So I ended up calling many departments several times as they may not get back to you. Thirdly, the service maintenance is supposed to be serviced systematic four times a year. However there's no service on the elevator for 5 or 6 months at a time and no annual test follow up. What kind of service maintenance is this?For maintenance plans go to smaller companies that are more community and service oriented . Save yourself the anguish by not dealing with the BS with kone and its corporate structure, legalise, and inefficiency. Stay away from kone!"

Esther Sidon says

"Our management company is using Kone for the maintenance of our lift in South Kensington, London. Overall, very poor maintenance. The lift is still out of order after more than 2 weeks, they just can’t fix it; Clueless engineers, long wait for parts missing and then an other wait because they didn’t realise they miss an other part!! The customers service is unpleasant and unprofessional and refuse to give information. Do not use them"

Jens Jakobsen says

"Den lokale KONE elevator er ofte helt eller delvis defekt.
I øjeblikket er den helt død.
Fejlerne ligner ofte dem, der beskrives i følgende Youtube-video:
EPIC FAIL!!!!! The Kone EcoDisc Scenic elevator is having major issues & breaking on camera!.MP4"

Max says

"Kone maintenance contract is a con. We paid for 4 Maintenance visits a year and Kone hardly turns up only once every 12 months. Then Kone abandons the maintenance contract altogether for another 18 months. They are awful.
Kone customer service and Kone accounts are useless. Nobody knows what's going on and who does what.
You can buy a Kone lift but stay well clear of their maintenance involvement."